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Social Networking Sites Help You Save Time Or Waste More Time Online? Internet Articles | May 26 Wholesale Cordrea Tankersley Jersey , 2011
Public networking sites are all the rage these days because of how natural they make it for you to network with other professionals andor keep up with old friends and significant others internet.

One thing public networking sites like Facebook need proven since their inception is that everyone has a little voyeur in them. But while these sites are no doubt popular, one debate shows the contrast in the two viewpoints out there. A little people look at public networking as a time saving tool that makes the world a better place, while others see it as a time wasting strategy designed to hinder productivity. As is often the case in such debates, the truth lies somewhere in between.

Argument 1: Time Saving

Those using public networking strictly for business see it as a way to gauge their popularity internet, keep up with their users Wholesale Charles Harris Jersey , and offer special promotions to enhance their business. They also see it as a means of networking with other industry professionals in order to discover more clients and, hopefully, more revenue. If time saving is a priority, you will stay away from the personal end because it is natural to waste tons of time catching up with old friends and before you know it, the entire day is gone. Instead Wholesale Xavien Howard Jersey , it is best to set clear goals of what you hope to accomplish with your public networking site, meet the criteria set forth, and log off as soon as possible. Without doing so, you could be lending credence to

Argument 2: Time Wasting

You need probably experienced the following situation a time or two in your work career since the inception of public media. You finish an objective on a little big work project and think, "Yay for me Wholesale Laremy Tunsil Jersey , I will now reward myself with a brief stop on Facebook to see if there are any messages." When you catch there, not only are there messages, but also 5 notifications. One of those notifications is that an old acquaintance wants to be your friend. Curiosity setting in, you accept the friend request and see that he is married to your old high school sweetheart. You need avoided her image for years, but now you simply must see what she looks like. So you start looking at pictures. One of the pictures is with her old best friend Wholesale Raekwon McMillan Jersey , who is single and looking better than ever. Suddenly, you're sending out a friend request of your own.

And so it goes. Public networking sites are undeniably powerful tools that can be used for either good or bad. How you decide to make use of them is entirely up to you. Just make sure that you bring your willpower along before you create an account. Article Tags: Networking Sites, Public Networking

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