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The newest celebrity gossip on your all time loved Hollywood stars are here. What is fresh and what is scorching.

Here are the following most recent gossips.
From Merrymaking To Royal Obligation
Prince Harry Sony Michel Jersey , the next in line to the throne after Prince William has been spotted partying the night away in Croatia for a couple of nights past but now resumed his royal obligations just this Wednesday. The Prince is seen wearing a plain coat and tie when he attended a charity event, the Wells Childs Awards Ceremony. The said charity was formed for those who younger ones battling of serious medical conditions. The Prince awarded two of the bravest children in Britain Stephon Gilmore Jersey , one aged 3 years and the other aged 6 years. For being an embodiment of strength and hopefulness, the Prince together with the British army went to Afghanistan for the war but now is training to turn out to be one of the Apache helicopter pilots.
Who amongst the Charmed Ones is having a Charmed son?

Alyssa Milano Tom Brady Jersey , one of the Charmed actress, welcomes his new son to the world. Alyssa and David Bugliari are proud parents of a healthy baby boy Milo Thomas. The baby came out of this world at 9:27am Julian Edelman Jersey , as sources spread it. Alyssa successfully gave birth to a 7 lbs baby boy, which is 19 inches long. According to resources she won’t be joining the limelight since she will be enjoying parenthood for awhile. No imminent plans yet for the actress.
Yoga designed for Vanessa!
Vanessa Hudgens is doing amazingly well during a yoga class where she keeps herself healthy and searing. The young star was caught enjoying a yoga class this Wednesday. She proudly trotted her mat with her in a sporty look in all black feminine attire with a yoga ballcap on her head.
Jessica Alba with eldest Honor Marie seen in a caf?
After 2 weeks when she gave birth to Haven Cheap New England Patriots Hats , Jessica Alba now spends quite time alongside eldest daughter Honor Marie. Both were found with a nanny on a local caf? enjoying the java boost. After the scenic mother and daughter bonding, Jessica head to her first day of workout and started slow by doing stationary bike and elliptical only.

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