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Aphrodisiac foods are not a new invention of recent times. Named after the Greek goddess of love and romance—Aphrodite Cheap Ryan Suter Hoodie , these foods date back to ancient era. They were declared as foods that enhance sexual desires by a Roman physician in the second century. Precisely, Aphrodisiac foods for men and women arouse sexual craving and improves sex performance in both genders.

Most Effective Aphrodisiac Foods for Women and Men

There are several food items which are considered aphrodisiacs. In fact, you’ll find many of them already in your kitchen.


Honey is considered to be the most effective Aphrodisiac food. It is sweet and sticky and is a great source of boron that helps to boost female sex hormone. Moreover, this sweet food also improves testosterone levels in blood, which promotes sex drive in both genders.


Yet another effective food to promote sex drive especially in females is almond. Since ancient times Cheap Luke Kunin Hoodie , almonds were considered as fertility foods. The captivating aroma of this food arouses sex passion in females.


Bananas have phallic shape, which has direct connection with male sexual organ and is loved by women. Moreover, bananas are rich in potassium, magnesium and vitamin B, which encourage sexual passion in both genders.


Basil adds taste to all foods. Further Cheap Marcus Foligno Hoodie , it has incredible aroma which has great aphrodisiac effect and stimulates sexual passion in human beings.


Pure chocolate is the prime example of natural aphrodisiacs and has a lot of compounds including anandamide, and PEA, which have direct impact on brain and directs to sexual organisms too. The compounds persuade feelings of attraction towards opposite gender. The melting chocolate also arouses high desires for sex and romance.


Figs are believed to be a sexy food in shape. This fruit when opened is considered to be similar to female sex organs. Figs date back to ancient times and were believed to be sacred foods, which promote love making and fertility.


Oysters are seafood and have good reputation in arousing sex feelings and are directly associated with aphrodisiac foods. They have high zinc content and are served as true romantic meal with a glass of chilled Champagne!

Important Warning

Seafood is often consumed by many people. However, it may raise the risk of lead poisoning if consumed in large amounts. Thus Cheap Jason Zucker Hoodie , make a deep research regarding the source of seafood you are interested in, before buying it finally. Ensure that there isn’t any element of lead in the sea foods you are going to have.

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