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3 Cosmetic Procedures That Are Technically Dermatology Therapies Health Articles | January 17 Greg Gaines Womens Jersey , 2012
The purpose of this article is to discuss dermatology therapies. Specifically, three popular dermatology therapies will be elaborated on.

Are you embarrassed by your excessive sweating? Are you tired of shaving unwanted hair from your body? If so, you may be surprised to learn that you don't have to go to a cosmetic surgeon or medical spa to have your problems treated; you can also go to a dermatologist. In fact, trained in both medical and surgical aspects, dermatologists are technically more qualified to take care of your skin andor skin diseases than a cosmetic surgeon is. As a result of such, you don't have to go to a cosmetic surgeon for your skin related procedures. It is the intention of this article to discuss three cosmetic procedures that are technically dermatology therapies.

The first cosmetic procedure that is technically a dermatology therapy is cosmetic filler injections. Specifically, if you have a problem with excessive sweating, you may want to consider getting cosmetic filler injections such as Botox. Believe it or not Bobby Evans Womens Jersey , Botox is not only meant for reducing the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles, but it can also eliminate excessive sweating in areas of your body such as your armpit. The second cosmetic procedure that is technically a dermatology therapy is hair removal. Medical spas staffed with cosmetic surgeons and estheticians aren't the only places that offer hair removal treatments. In fact, in addition to achieving the same results you would if you went to a medical spa or treatment center, by having a dermatologist perform your hair removal, you are more likely to have less skin complications such as irritation during and after your procedures, because dealing with the skin is their specialty. The third cosmetic procedure that is technically a dermatology therapy is laser therapy. Whether you need laser therapy to help with birth marks, skin disorders, tattoo removal or skin rejuvenation David Long Womens Jersey , a dermatologist can perform your cosmetic laser therapy. While the benefits of having said therapies performed by a dermatologist may seem obvious for procedures such as birth marks and skin disorders, they can be just as beneficial, if not more, for tattoo removal. Specifically, dermatologists can provide more options and comfort as their training affords them the skill to offer more expertise in improving your experience in comparison to that of an average tattoo parlor staff member.

Although cosmetic surgeons are more notably known for performing major and minor surgical skin procedures, they are not the only medical doctors who are qualified and trained to do so. This is particularly relevant with respect to the treatment of the skin as well as skin related diseases. In fact, dermatologists, who happen to be trained in both medical and surgical aspects Darrell Henderson Womens Jersey , are equally, if not more qualified to perform your skin related cosmetic procedures. Specifically, there are three cosmetic procedures that are technically dermatology therapies, they include; cosmetic filler injections, hair removal and laser therapy.
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