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#52162711 / gettyimages.com DW: Whos your favourite player in todays NHL and why?KP: I like watching [Steven] Stamkos; hes big and rangy and has that great release. Hes a player. Offensively hes a threat every time hes on the ice. Its guys like that who are always fun to watch. #479303113 / gettyimages.com DW: If you could choose one team to play for in todays NHL, which team would you pick and why?KP: Probably the LA Kings because theyve had so much success and theyre built for the playoffs. Theyre not a team that has dominated the regular season, but come postseason time theyve been great. They find ways to win games and its always somebody different. Its a unique setup. So ya, probably the LA Kings. #146684222 / gettyimages.com DW: Whats the best prank you ever witnessed pulled in a hockey locker room?KP: The one that I always remember that gives me the greatest chuckle was the time Chris Therien took Daymond Langkows dress shoes, we were in Buffalo, and he had them glued to the ceiling in the locker room. Daymond obviously couldnt get them down because he wasnt tall in stature… even me at 65" wouldnt have been able to get them down! Its just one of those silly pranks. Im not sure where he got the glue or how he got them up there, but he did and it was funny.DW: Whats the most memorable game you ever played in the NHL?KP: I guess the most memorable game would have to be the fifth overtime in Pittsburgh. It was certainly the most memorable goal, back in 2000 in the Eastern Conference Finals. But also, the most memorable game personally might be Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals in 2004 where I was more involved offensively, I was all over the score sheet, and it was an elimination game we ended up winning. That was a very memorable game for me as well.DW: What is the strangest NHL moment you ever experienced in your career?KP: I dont know if it was a moment… I guess it was a moment in time. 1991 was my second year in the league, it ended up being a strike year, and that year I had gone back and fourth between Adirondack and Detroit literally four or five times. The strike occurred, we went down for the playoffs, got called back up when the strike ended, got sent back down when we ended up losing, and then went on to win the Calder Cup in Adirondack. It was just a very bizarre stretch of about three months in my career. #52409977 / gettyimages.com DW: I know you dropped the gloves against your brother - what was it like to fight a sibling on the NHL stage?KP: It was in the heat of the moment, and on reflection both Wayne and I agreed it wasnt the smartest thing wed ever done and swore it would never happen again. Its something YouTube has resurrected for me and is brought up in a lot of conversations as Im seen around town.DW: If the science behind concussions, and player safety was where it is today, do you think you might have approached the game differently as a player?KP: I dont know if I would, but I would definitely understand it better, so theres the chance that I would have approached it better or differently. The sad thing is, ultimately I cant say that I would have. But I agree that with the heightened awareness and the education thats occurred, certainly people are approaching it much differently than they did even as early as five or ten years ago. #53131589 / gettyimages.com DW: Tell me a little bit about the Stop Concussions Source for Sports Skate Sharpening Day youll take part in Saturday?KP: Source for Sports has been a huge supporter of Stop Concussions and a huge contributor to our growth and ongoing success. Theyve given us much needed resources in order to do the things we do that relates to education, and setting up a platform to stop concussions. One day a year Source For Sports and the participating franchises donate all the proceeds from the skate sharpening in their stores to Stop Concussions. Weve had tremendous success and appreciate all the work Source For Sports does for us.DW: And finally, because were here at BarDown, Im going to have to ask you - can you still go BarDown?KP: Oh ya (laughs)! Im old, slow and fat… but I can still shoot a puck. Authentic Pernell McPhee Jersey . 15 in Hamburg. The fight was originally slated for Sept. 6 but had to be postponed after Klitschko tore a bicep in sparring and was forced to miss four weeks of training. Cheap Washington Redskins Jerseys . -- Ben Bishop had a milestone game against one of the NHLs greatest goalies. http://www.cheapredskinsjerseysauthentic...sey-dunn-jersey. -- Novak Djokovic benefited from an erroneous call and claimed he didnt realize he had broken the rules. Authentic Darrell Green Jersey . Its the second time this season that Milan has been sanctioned by the league judge, after fans also subjected Napoli supporters to discriminatory chants. The ban will come into effect for Milans next match, against Udinese on Oct. Authentic Greg Stroman Jersey . They have watched it from afar. And now they have seen it for themselves.RENTON, Wash. -- With all the setbacks Percy Harvin has faced in his first season with Seattle, it would be easy to dwell on the problems. Harvin is trying not to linger on the past, whether it was his hip surgery and recovery that kept him out of 15 of 16 regular-season games or the concussion that left him a spectator for the NFC championship game. Not with the Seahawks headed for a Super Bowl matchup against Denver. "Its been a roller coaster, but its all been a blessing. I wouldnt take anything back that happened this year. Its made me a stronger person," Harvin said on Thursday. "Its definitely been frustrating for a lot of people, not only myself but my teammates. Doug (Baldwin), some of the guys playing my position, not knowing whether Im going to be at practice. So it was definitely frustrating but its all over now. We get to play for the Super Bowl. Thats all in the past." Harvin returned to practice Wednesday after passing the leagues concussion protocol following the concussion he suffered in the NFC divisional playoff game against New Orleans. The injury was the latest bump in a season filled with starts and stops for Harvin. First was the trade from Minnesota and a lucrative contract with Seattle. Then came the discovery of a damaged labrum in his hip that required surgery in early August and caused him to miss the first 10 games of the regular season. When he returned in Week 11, Harvin was used sparingly, but the amount was too much for his hip and complications followed. He returned for the playoffs and was a significant part of Seattles game plan against the Saints in the divisional round when the next setback hit. Harvins head bounced off the turf of CenturyLink Field after leaping for a pass in the end zone in the second quarter of Seattles 23-15 win. And again, Harvin was left to be a spectator. "Frustrating. Thats the word that Ill use. Thhis whole year watching every single game was frustrating," Harvin said.dddddddddddd"But like I said having great teammates, great coaches it was good to be on the sideline and watch those guys perform." Hitting his head on the turf, just as New Orleans safety Malcolm Jenkins was hitting him in the back, was the second big hit Harvin took against the Saints. He said Thursday he did not believe he was being targeted. Harvin was hit by safety Rafael Bush in the first quarter of the game, a hit that drew a 15-yard penalty and a $21,000 fine from the NFL. "I thought they were just playing football," said Harvin, who said his history with migraines had no influence on the speed of his recovery from the concussion. The opportunities Harvin got against the Saints showed just what he could add to Seattles offence. He was used as a runner on a sweep to the perimeter that went for 9 yards and could have gone for more. Seattle tried to find him on deep routes down the seam of the defence and also underneath crossing patterns. He was also a successful decoy. On Marshawn Lynchs 15-yard touchdown run against the Saints, Harvin faked that he was about to catch a screen pass. The defence reacted and Lynch had a cutback lane open en route to the end zone. "Last year when we prepared for Percy, there were just so many things that we had to look for in a guy like him," Seattle safety Kam Chancellor said. "Its a guy that can be in the backfield, a guy that can be split out at receiver, its just so many ways you can use him." Despite all the setbacks, Harvins not viewing the Super Bowl as an opportunity to salvage his season. "Im trying to go out there and win a Super Bowl. Im not trying to save or be a hero or do anything," Harvin said. "Im trying to go out there and prepare to play a game I know how to play." ' ' '

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